Company overview

Promise with your loved ones.
We will keep the certainty of life.

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that move away from
the primary tumor and remain in the circulation. They are responsible
for cancer metastasis, and are very sparse, in the ratio of 1 cell among
1 billion cells.

Genobio develops medical devices and provides services for accurate
and fast detection of circulating cancer cells from a single blood draw;
providing hope for early cancer detection and better cure.

Ginobio was established in 2014 so that
anyone can easily have hope from cancer with
the goal of universalizing liquid biopsy services based on
innovative technology.

We are a company focusing on improving health care and
saving lives through continuous development and innovation.

In a joint effort with leading domestic and international research groups
and hospitals, we are moving forward as a global company that can devote
to society, bringing hopes of healthy life to cancer patients, through our
liquid biopsy. and companion diagnostic technology.