EXO-WORK : Bio-process engineering for developing exosome therapeutics​

Development of exosome continuous production process: Providing a platform for the production of cell-derived exosome therapeutics​

FAST(Fluidic Amplification Separation Technology): Nano-fluidic chip and device platform​

Mechanically realizing the exosome separation method in which the core technologies of nanotechnology and semiconductor processing are integrated​​

Automation equipment applicable to high repeatability and reproducibility and validation method + NANO FLUIDIC CHIP platform​​​

Securing various application scalability: IVD equipment for exosome diagnosis, CLIA Lab equipment, GMP process (production, QA/QC, validation) equipment, etc.​

Separation of large amounts of exosomes from trace samples​

Easy analysis of biomarkers such as RNA​

Securing live exosomes in an INTACT state

Expansion of the scope of application of downstream technologies such as therapeutics​​​

Continuous process applicability:​ Securing SCALABILITY​​​​

Exosome treatment efficacy verification and process application review​​​